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Firefighter Jewelry

firefighter jewelry, patron saint jewelry

Firefighter Daughter Charm   ►

firefighter daughter medal

  Fine finished pendants for that special Firefighter's Daughter. Perfect for your daughter View the firefighter daughter charm.


FD St. Florian Pendant   ►

st. florian pendant

  Our 10k gold FD St. Florian Maltese  pendant radiates with pride and respect due to our firefighters.

Fire hydrant Medal   ►

fire hydrant medal

  Firefighters or their families can display their pride with our high quality fire hydrant pendant available in solid 14k yellow gold.

Houston FD Pendants   ►

houston fire department, houston fire department wife jewelry

  Houston FD can display their pride with our high quality selection of their badge pendants available in silver or gold.

houston fd gold charms

Firefighter Ax Pendant   ►

firefighter pick head ax, fire fighter ax, fire ax, pick head ax jewelry

  The pick-head axe is an awesome display of our quality workman ship. This pendant is available in silver or gold.


Patron Saint Medal   ►

patron saint medal

Top Sellers:

St. Florian 
St. Michael
St. Christopher
St. Luke
St. John The Baptist

Sterling Silver firefighter pendant   ►

sterling silver firefighter pendant

  Our maltese sterling silver firefighter pendants radiate the same pride as the gold, but at a fraction of the cost.

San Antonio Fire Department   ►

san antonio fire department, san antonio fire department jewelry, san antonio fire depatment badges

  For all San Antonio pendants, Please click here.

Firefighter Wife Medal   ►

firefighter wifes, Firefighter wife, firefighter wives jewelry, firefighter wifes auxillary

Quality makes a noticeable difference. High gloss finish fire fighter wife jewelry with careful attention to detail. 

Firefighter Helmet Medal   ►

firefighter helmet, fighter helmet medal

  Our new Helmet pendants are the highest quality you will ever find. They come in 14k gold or sterling silver.

St. Florian Medal

st. florian medal

  Born in 250 AD he was a member of the Roman Army and was sentenced to death by fire. St. Florian jewelry. Patron Saint for firefighters.


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